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Bright World Powerful Human Protection Council
Bright World Powerful Human
Protection Council
REGD BY: Central Government Of India
MCA(Ministry Of Corporate Affairs)
License Number (130487) Section 8


Your contribution of time and skills helps someone find a new hope for their future. People look forward to meeting you , hearing your advice and more importantly learning from you. You become a role model for many individuals and communities who often lack opportunities and resources. When you are working with an organization you will be part of a variety of events that take place within and ouside the organization. There are and lot of networking oppartunities where you get the chance to meet new people and strengthen your social network when you voluneer you gain more than you give. The Volunteering journey will expose you to edless possibilies and empact you in a positive way. Aren’t these reasons good enough for you to start your journey? What you to start your waiting for? Join ’Bright World Powerful Human Portection Council’ today. Thank you very much.